Dumb RGB Strings In Your Display (2018)

Smart pixels get all the attention these days, but dumb RGB strings may still have a place in your display. We look at controlling dumb strings with an Arduino Uno and a 2811DC15 from Hanson Electronics.

Hanson Electronics 2811DC15: https://bit.ly/2tHwwwy
Make: article: https://bit.ly/2lIUG5g

My online course for RGB Pixel beginners: http://bit.ly/udemy-basics-coupon-17

2 thoughts on “Dumb RGB Strings In Your Display (2018)

  1. Charles Jarvis

    I thought I would drop a note to you today. I enjoy watching your videos as they are funny but informational. My display is all smart pixels except for two mini trees from holiday Coro. I had a little issue with water last year so I looked at some enclosure options. I found from a local supplier plastic ammo boxes. They are appx. 15 in square and 7 in deep. Most important is they are water proof, and has handles and lock pads built in. Just thought I would let you know of another option to enclosures, as you have a good following. By the way this will be my 3rd year with my display. I have a mega tree 50 pixel high, 12 strings; 4 arches each has 1/2 rgb strip; two 24 in stars with 50 pixels in each star; house outline with 156 pixels; and two “candles” each with 60 pixels. Driven by one alpha pix 4 and one hinks pix 16 controllers. thanks Charlie J.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks Charlie! I used a large box last year and covered it with a huge trash bag that kept the water out. I will be breaking things up this year though and have several CG1500s, but ammo boxes might do the trick as well! I’ll have to see if I can source those locally. Otherwise, perhaps some of those “plastic cases” from the office supply. lol!

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