RGB Pixel Power Injection and a Cable Snake (2018)

Finishing up preps on the sticks, I encountered a perfect power injection example. I also created a cable snake for the line from the controller to the first pixel.

2 thoughts on “RGB Pixel Power Injection and a Cable Snake (2018)

  1. Charles Jarvis

    I also got the Chroma pole brackets. I made two candles with them. I used the matrix but I’m doing 3 strings of 20 (for 60 pixels ) for the candle stick. Then made a custom model of a flame ,cut out a flame shape from plastic 9″ high 3 1/2′ wide tapering to 1 1/4′ top, with 10 pixels. The challenge for me was setting up my controller to accept my design., as the flames are wired to the body of the candle.
    By the way I enjoy your videos very much. Charlie J.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks! The latest video shows an update for using a megatree model instead of a matrix which might work better.

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