It’s Latin for “Dog Father.”

I like dogs and technology.






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  1. Barry Edwards

    I truly love that wreath Can you get a close up shot of it??? maybe with some measurements, or even better a how to video. Live in SE Oklahoma — I truly get a kick out of your youtube’s!

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks Barry! Yeah, that was an interesting build I did before I started making the videos. It’s a piece of 3/16″ acrylic I bought from a local plastic supplier measuring 4x4ft. Pretty expensive and I broke one of the corners off so I sawed two of them off to make it look like I knew what I was doing. Haha

    It’s 288 pixels total, 4 rings of 72. I had a friend make an Adobe Illustrator file for me as a guide for the holes and had it printed at a local print shop that had large formate printers (about $20 for a 4ft square sheet of paper). I put everything on top of a 3/4″ piece of MDF and just drilled 1/8″ holes through the paper, acrylic and MDF. That way, if any of the holes were off, I could make a small adjustment. Then back through the acrylic with a graduated 1/2″ bit (for drilling through plastic) and wired it up. I do want to re-wire it after this year with different pixels to see if I can get the mounting any better, but I’m pretty happy with it. With the rings symmetrical, it’s very easy to do nice looking patterns. The other wreath is LED strip inside PEX tubing, but it isn’t an equal number of nodes per ring so I’m more limited in the patterns I can generate.

    I have straight on shot of it in “Injecting Power For RGB Pixels” at 0:43.

  3. Benjamin Smith

    Thanks for the link! Hey, my work has a huge plotter, any chance you can send me the file of the wreath hole spacing (pitch chords) I can probably get a piece of scrap Lexan for my project here at work as well 😉
    Thanks again!
    Ben Smith

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