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DMX Moving Head, Falcon & xLights (2018)

DMX moving head lights are gaining popularity in lighting displays. We can automate them in xLights and run them from a Falcon F16V3. They’re also a lot of fun!

2PC 60W RGBW Mini Beam Spot Moving Head Stage Light DMX Bar Party DJ Disco Light

RGB Pixel Wall Washer Rebuild (2018)

The Wall Washer turned out to be an ineffective design. I changed out the pixels in order to throw more light.

RGB Pixel Wreath Rebuild

I had planned on replacing the pixels in the wreath prior to the season last year, but ran out of time. The wreath made that a priority this year. The video includes a power injection demo.

RGB Pixel Distance Test – HOW FAR IS TOO FAR? – UPDATED

How far can you go from controller to the first pixel? We look at some different cabling options including CAT5 to run RGB pixels then run some tests.

WARNING! Running high current through small wires poses a risk of fire. If you use Ethernet cable to power your display, make sure you do not exceed the current handling capabilities of the wire. Make sure the wires do not overheat under normal operation of your show.

This video and the information contained therein are presented for entertainment purposes only.

Raspberry Pi RGB Pixel Controller from Hanson Electronics

How to roll up light strings, the story on my wife and her progress, Hanson Electronics rPi-28D (http://www.hansonelectronics.com.au/product/rpi-28d/) pixel controller hat.

Getting HELP with RGB Pixels

Getting back to it after a rough post-Christmas season this year. Here are some helpful resources you may find useful.

Christmas Lighting Forums:

Facebook Groups:
Advanced RGB Pixels and Controllers http://bit.ly/2zEMrgX
Official xLights Support Group http://bit.ly/2zBMwnv
FPP, Falcon Player http://bit.ly/2yvc7v3

RGB Pixel Wreath Build

I cover the steps I went through to build the large pixel wreath. It’s got 4 rings of 72 pixels per ring for a total of 288 pixels.

Illustrator File: wreathtemplate


Run RGB pixels without a computer! I look at an inexpensive RGB pixel tester from Hanson Electronics (http://www.hansonelectronics.com.au). Whether you’re an Uber Christmas decorator or just want some pretty lights for your patio, boat, car or DJ booth, you’ll be interested in this!

Song: You And Me [Rewind Remix Release]
Music provided by Rewind Remix https://goo.gl/08ZthI
Artist: Clemslize & Nanso

RGB Pixel Light Display Walkthrough and SNOWPOCALYPSE!

Giving some details of the display at night and I cover Snowpocalypse 2017 that we experienced. Chilling video!

Song: Still Young
Music provided by Rewind Remix https://goo.gl/08ZthI
Free Download: http://myaudiograb.com/Ol9jBoZB
Artist: Speo

Christmas and You – Go Fish – RGB Pixel Light Show

Enjoy Christmas and You by Go Fish synchronized to RGB Pixel lights. This was shot with a Lumix GH5 http://amzn.to/2AlvY1x with an Olympus 12-40/2.8 lens http://amzn.to/2jxPPTe, both rented from a local camera store. The video was filmed in 4K about 15 minutes after sundown with the following camera settings: sensitivity set to 3200, shutter speed set to 60, aperture set to f11, white balance set to incandescent. I made some minor exposure and saturation changes in Final Cut Pro.

Song: Christmas and You
Performed by Go Fish
Written by Jamison J. Statema
Copyright 2010 Found Free Music (Administered by Fun Attic Music)

Recording available at www.GoFishResources.com!

This was the song I sequenced “live”, well, on video anyway. I let xLights choose random effects and edited some of them afterwards, but if you watched the earlier video, you’ve seen how the sausage was made! LOL!