🎄Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Strip (2019)🎄

RGB pixel strip looks nice, but is a little difficult to work with. Don’t recommend it for new folks. Shows how to figure out the right RGB color order. Other display updates. Oh, and I passed my exam for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate!

2 thoughts on “🎄Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Strip (2019)🎄

  1. Ray I

    I am just new to the pixel christmas lights and this year I experimented a little with a falcon piCapboard and couple lights to see how it would go just so I got the basics out of the way. Next year I think I am ready to proceed with the outline of the house at least. I love your videos even though I have not commented on them there, I was still absorbing all the information. Couple questions, how to you mount the pixel lights around the outline of your roofline and windows? do you use the mounting strips on PVC and somehow attach it to the soffit or gutter like they show on Boscoyo site? Also how do you make your arches? They do not look like the ones on Boscoyo site and look much more refined. I know there are other ways to make them like the one on Johnson family christmas show. Just want your opinion. Again thank you for your videos. They are very informative and helped me understand a lot.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks! I haven’t hung any lights along my eaves ’cause it’s a 2-story. Horizontals across the garage use Boscoyo Chromatrim attached to EMT. How you attach is going to be the DIY part of the hobby. Arches are Matt Johnson’s design. They look great, but beware of shipping from McMaster to your house as the shipping will be horrendous. If you work at a place that has a loading dock, might want to have it shipped there if possible. You can also use PEX tubing, but I prefer the larger diameter tubing.

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