4 thoughts on “🎄Comprehensive Setup Day (2020) 🎄

  1. Benjamin Smith

    Got all my pixels up, and all but one portion
    of my roofline lights up(this is running in “test” mode.
    Last night I attempted to run a sequence and it was awful, my universes, channels are way wrong.
    The only piece if my system I did not connect was my raspberry pi, good reason why i couldnt get the FPP
    To show up on my laptop huh?
    I have counted all the pixels in every segment
    of my show, one thing I noticed when I opened up the falcon in my web browser was That I had crazy high numbers of channels like 2000 something,
    Of course it was lit up in red, cant have more than 512
    per port, right?
    I added an expansion board this year, so I have 16 more ports to use. I’m going to run the mega tree and smaller mega tree on those ports
    So, how do I go about fixing my universe and channel problem? Do I take the number of pixels in each segment (port cabled props) I.E. poly line, wreath, etc….and multiply by three for channel count?
    I’m sorry I’m bringing this up so late, but it’s the 11th hour and my wife is “Brow Beating” me to get it done.
    After I got the falcon to load the port connections,
    I noticed in xlights, I should have been able to open the “Visualizer” to see the connections, but it wouldn’t open. Any thoughts there?
    I appreciate any help or advice you can lend, i’m gonna dig into the manual and start from scratch and see what i’m missing.
    Thanks again!
    Ben Smith

  2. Lenny James

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m in Round Rock, and would love to drive by to see your display running, but I can’t seem to track down your location. Any chance you could share it with me so my family can have a look?


  3. Dog Father Post author

    Ben, the best thing to do is log into the xlights zoom room (see xlights.org) and they can assist you live. Jeff

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