Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

The Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller is the latest in a line of awesome controllers from David Pitts.

This video covers all the features of this new board along with an Expansion Board and a Differential Expansion Board plus Differential Receivers. If you run pixels in your display or are thinking about running pixels, seriously look at getting one of these controllers.

In RGB Pixel lighting, a pixel controller converts the E1.31 output from a computer into serial data the lights need to work. This is a specialized controller specifically designed for RGB pixel lighting.

Some other items you might need or want are a MeanWell 12V power supply¬†or 5V depending on your pixels and possibly a Raspberry Pi 3 (board only) or Raspberry Pi 3 (full starter kit). The controller does have hardware to allow it to run Falcon Player and early reports are that the new firmware supporting that functionality looks good though I have not been able to test it yet. I will update this post once I’ve done that.

My online course for RGB Pixel beginners: http://bit.ly/udemy-basics-coupon-v3

Be sure to check out other videos on my channel for more information about using pixels and be sure to subscribe for more videos. Thanks!

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