P10 RGB Matrix Kit Unboxing

I got a P10 LED Matrix Panel Kit to make a “Tune To” sign for the display. This video starts as an unboxing video and then…

I bought this P10 panel kit from DIY LED Express. It came with:

  • 4x16x32 panels
  • 1x BeagleBone Black
  • 1x 16GB micro SD car & adapter
  • 1x octoscroller
  • 1x 5V power supply
  • 4x ribbon cables
  • 4x mounting brackets
  • 2x panel power pigtails
  • 1x power wire
  • assorted hardware

I ran into trouble while making the video so I had to cut this one short so I could do some research on the issue. I got everything working in a 2×2 configuration with the panel oriented horizontally, but was having trouble when I turned the panels vertically. I’ll do more research and report back next week.

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