2 thoughts on “Falcon F48 Differential RGB Pixel Controller (2018)

  1. Chip C.

    I want to start off with great job on the how to videos and thank you for making them. I have a question about installing power injections. I’m going to install, hang along my eaves, Modular Matrix Panels from Boscoyo Studio. They are a total of 168 nodes and I have a total of 10 panels. How do you have the data wire and the power wire from a different source connected the strands of nodes? I have a mega tree with nodes, 50 per strand and I plug it in to the 3 pin connector of the wire coming out of the controller box that screws together and creates a water tight seal. Do you use the CES 2 Pin Quick Disconnect Wire Harness SAE Connector Bullet Lead Cable on the node strand side and use a different type of connector for the data? I am not sure what would be the best/clean and water tight installation with my controller at 1 location and my 2 or 3 power sources at different locations. Do you have a photo of one of your power injector installation?

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Hey Chip,
    I try not to inject power unless absolutely necessary and I run my brightness at 30%. I do run injection on my tree and wreath injecting power at the beginning and end of the string so on my tree, I have one string of 100 pixels folded over at 50 so power goes into the beginning of the string and at the end of the string. The end also plugs into the next string and so on. For the wreath, I have power going in at the start and another connection on the end. I did try injecting power at 2 other points which didn’t completely fix the problem because the power supply was too far away so I’m changing that this year (moving the power supply closer to the prop). Only inject power if the lights don’t look right or you plan to run 100% brightness and need it. I have run 150-node strings without power injection with no problem. Let the lights be your guide here. As for connectors, I use the 3-pin/4-pin connectors Ray Wu puts on his strings. This year, I am planning to just solder wires to the beginning of most strings and plug them directly into the F48 receiver boards and not worry about connectors anymore, but I’ll use the Ray Wu connectors as needed.

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