⚡️DIY Powerwall Project ep2 (2019)

Where do you find cells for a DIY Powerwall and what do you do with them when you find them? We’ll cover this and more in this episode!

2 thoughts on “⚡️DIY Powerwall Project ep2 (2019)

  1. Volker Neumann

    Hello again,

    i ordered from two differents china company´s the FST Cells, 2.400 mah with 8,97 wh power each cell- in last 20 days i have checked all 600 pcs. 2 from 600 are broken, all others have a capacity between 2340 to 2470 mah.Perfect!!! No fake cells. i bought over alibab.com for 1.2o US $ for each one. If everyone want the link or e-Mail of this company´s can contact me via eMail. diy-powerwall@longwire.de. Shippment was done by ups and takes 2 Weeks to Germany. No problems with the customer service or others. I am happy to get this cells, because i get for araound 800 US $ a 5.6 kwh powerwall.

    you can monitoring my project on youtube, if you want, but its in German!!!

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