🥧Raspberry Pi 3B3B+ USB SATA/SSD ep2 (2019) 🥧

This is a follow up to the previous Pi USB/SATA drive video answering comments and giving you an alternative to the cable. This little board is pretty cool and the kit seems well thought out.

2 thoughts on “🥧Raspberry Pi 3B3B+ USB SATA/SSD ep2 (2019) 🥧

  1. Stephen Gill

    Hi two things,
    One is everyone including animals safe and well? Nz in lock down giving me a chance to redo/check/update lights.
    Two. Have you anything on using an old lap top with Falcon controller rather than Rasp pi Could change to os to suit Falcon (latest model with 12 expansion ports) next on my shopping list when all is ok again.
    Keep safe and stay well look after your loved ones.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    All good here. We are social distancing and self quarantining. I’m cooking a lot more, but we’re also getting restaurant deliveries to keep the local businesses afloat. Still excited when I find toilet paper on the shelf at our local warehouse stores! If you are using a laptop, try xSchedule as your master. I am going to use it this year because I got a new machine for monitoring security cameras that should also be able to run the show. You can run FPP as a docker container, but I haven’t tried getting audio out of it that way (might be able to using a USB audio dongle). Plus, xSchedule is awesome and uses your xLights config!

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