🇺🇸🎄Quick Update and Prop Frame Build (2019) 🎄

🇺🇸HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! A lot of work and rain lately slowing progress, but I got the frame built!

4 thoughts on “🇺🇸🎄Quick Update and Prop Frame Build (2019) 🎄

  1. Terry


    Quick question regarding the F48 and the 4 string differential board – is it possible to use one of the ports as a power injector source by not using it as a light string source in setup? (that is) say I hooked up a regular string on port 1 and added an additional (say) 100 lights to that string. Could I take port 2 and use it as a power injection to the port 1 string (via T connector) ?

    Would I need to do anything special in the setup page for the controller?



  2. Dog Father Post author

    Probably, but I’m not sure why you’d want to tie up a port when you can just come off the same power supply for power injection.

  3. Terry

    I have two props that are a bit away from others and would leave an open port this year. It just seem like an easy way to “hook” up and was curious if it would work. Thanks.

  4. Dog Father Post author

    The power is electrically the same. You just don’t connect the data line. But I’d just go to the power supply feeding the receiver through an inline fuse. πŸ™‚

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