2 thoughts on “🎄5V/12V SHOOTOUT and Power Injection Follow-up (2019)🎄

  1. Ben Smith

    How goes things? I’m still plugging away with my display props. I was assembling the major parts of my “Mega Tree” yesterday, and I’m working out the the outline of the house now, you know, eaves, door and window frames, garage doors etc.

    I have a curved walkway in front of the house, I’m thinking of running clear Tygon tubing to put the pixels inside, to conform to the shape of the concrete. Might also run these down the driveway too.

    Hope all is well at your end, it’s dayuuum hot here!
    Take care!
    Ben Smith

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Ben, Other than the heat, yes all good. Glad to hear you are making progress! You might consider using PEX tubing or HDPE for holding pixels. They diffuse the light for a neat effect, but clear works too – depends on the effect you are going for. I have a wreath that uses PEX. Check out one of the music videos to see an example.

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