8 thoughts on “🎄RGB Pixel Sphere Prop Build (2019) 🎄

  1. Chuck Haby

    Want to say the I love your videos. Currently taking beginners series videos. Have an issue with xlights. Besides waiting to get permission to be on the forum, I can not get xlights to work on my windows 7 32 bit computer. Anything I try to do, freezes the program with three log reports and closes. Any tips? I think I ran into this years ago and went with vixen for a while. But it is not much use if I can even do the simplest of things. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks! Hmm, I run the 64-bit version on my Win7 machine. Maybe give that a try or if you file a bug report on the repo (https://github.com/smeighan/xLights), Keith is usually very responsive. They do require the logs though. Also, make sure you have the latest version. I believe 60 had an issue of some kind so 61 is out now. I understand the frustration, but it’s generally a solid app unless they are adding new stuff. It’s getting close to lighting season so the release cadence should slow down except for bug releases.

  3. Chuck

    Thanks, I sent them a bug report. Since it sounds like Keith is thinking of dropping the 32 bit support, I may not be able to do this with my computer. Which is really a let down. Hopefully they will know where the issue is. Because I can’t justify a new machine just because of lighting when I have a home automation system that runs just fine on this. Thanks again.

  4. Dog Father Post author

    Well, if you have another machine, maybe use that for sequencing. xLights is fairly resource intensive. Once you get the FSEQ output from xLights, resource needs are much less. For example, the Pi runs Falcon Player which “plays” the FSEQ files out to the network, but you could never actually sequence (create the FSEQ) on a Pi. Have you tried running xSchedule on the Win7 machine? I’m not sure what you plan to use for the player/scheduler.

  5. Chuck

    Ultimately I planned on using pi. But to start out I was going to use the computer. I can open x scheduler but if I tried to do something it stops working too. I do have a Windows 10 laptop that I could try but honestly I can’t stand the thing. But I will try tomorrow night to download the program to that and see if it will stay running. Thanks for your help

  6. Dog Father Post author


    Just a member of the lighting community. I put his contact info in the description of the video. You can send him an email at testfly@atlantic.net. He may have a website by now, but didn’t when I made the video. They are pretty nice.


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