Quick RGB Pixel Sequencing Technique

Here’s a quick way to sequence a song for RGB Pixels.

Here’s an introduction to xLights from Sean Meighan – awesome video, but it’s over 3 hours long so get some popcorn. It DOES cover everything so I highly recommend watching it. It is well worth your time. https://vimeo.com/239465131

This is basically a TLDR version of Sean’s video. We start by adding a timing track to the song to show changes in the music. The next step is to add random effects to a “whole house” model which I have since renamed to “All House” so it will sort properly. The whole or all house model is simply a group that has all of your display’s props so adding an effect to the group affects all the lights in your display.

You can randomly add effects to a model using a feature in xLights sequencing software (available for Mac, Windows and Linux). Some of them look great and some need some tweaking or are better used layered with other effects. Once you get the settings like you want, you have a complete sequence.

The cool thing about this technique is that adding new props to the display only requires a re-render of the sequence to light up the new prop assuming you’ve added it to the all house model of course.

I’ll certainly use this technique to get some sequences done quickly this year. You can always go back and completely change out effects when you have more time, but at least the lights are blinking for your visitors which will delight them.

Good luck with your sequencing!

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