RGB Pixel Controller Connections (2018)

A quick video about pixel controller connections – there is more than one way to do it. Includes a close-up explanation of pixel components.

4 thoughts on “RGB Pixel Controller Connections (2018)

  1. Eric Crist

    I am new to all of this pixel lighting. I bought the Falcon F48, F16 V3 and the Receiver Boards. Now I have Been Trying to Connect my laptop to the F16V3 and I am hitting a brick wall. I put the F163 IP address that is displayed on the oled and all I get is an internet search for that IP address. Please help this newbe to all of this.

    Thanks Eric

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Well, if your computer and the board are on different networks, one will need to change to make it work. How comfortable are you at changing network settings on your computer? If “I have no idea what you just said”, the easiest way to set one up is to let the board get it’s own IP address from DHCP so it’s on the same network as your computer (you’ll have to use the buttons on the board to navigate the menus to change it to DHCP). If “I change my network settings daily just to practice”, then temporarily put your computer on the same network as the board. Also, Chrome seems to work best with both the Falcon boards and FPP. So to start, what is the IP address of your computer and what is the IP address of the board?

  3. Eric

    Thank you for the help on getting my falcon f16 v3 going. I do have a new question. Can I hook up my falcon f48 and then dazie chain to my f16v3? Or will this limit my channel count off of my f48 for my receiver boards?

  4. Dog Father Post author

    You should have no problem daisy-chaining them. No affect on the channels the board(s) supports.

    Now, if you are running a ton of controllers and a bazillion channels (I don’t know the actual limits), you may run into a network saturation problem, but that’s a different issue.
    Normally not a problem, but I haven’t run a bunch of matrices or virtual matrices in my show which bumps the channel count up quite a bit.

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