⚡️DIY Powerwall Project – ep4 – Opus BT-C3100 Fan Mod & Test (2019)

Power2Spare has large, brushless fans for keeping the Opus BT-C3100s cool while you are processing cells. They cut the cycle time down vs the stock fans and work even better on the 1,000 mAh setting. The mod is simple, but I did have issues. Also shows test results.

16 thoughts on “⚡️DIY Powerwall Project – ep4 – Opus BT-C3100 Fan Mod & Test (2019)

  1. Ben Smith

    Jeff thanks for the file for the wreath template.
    I’ve just ordered the Boscoyo pixel mounting strips
    for my mega tree, I basically have to buy my power supplies and the nodes and I’ll be on my way.

    I have my falcon V16 now, my Raspberry Pi3 and
    a box to mount them in and enough pigtails and sockets to get r done.
    Thanks again!

  2. Benjamin Smith

    Hoping you can get me out of a pickle…..
    I just got my Raspberry Pi 3 formatted (almost)
    I used the hdmi cable and s network cat 5 cable to
    Connect to my router/T.V. Monitor.
    I got to the scripting page after logging in with foo and falcon for login/ password and now I’ve got a message at the bottom saying this is a FPP console
    for advanced users/debugging and developers.
    What now? It says I’m looking for a “Web based GUI” and says to type in “Http://fpp.local/“ and my computer just says it can’t find that page.
    Hope you can bail me out here…..
    Ben Smith

  3. Dog Father Post author

    The Pi use to report the IP address it got in the console, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t always do that now. You can either log into your router to look through the allocated DHCP addresses or use something like WireShark to try and find it. Once you find the address, open a browser on your computer to that IP address and you will see the FPP web page.

  4. Ben Smith

    I have one question with regards to the falcon player, the white page that has the falcon icon on the top left and the raspberry pi logo on the top, and shows the options. how do I open that page, perhaps that’s what I’m missing.
    I’ve wracked my brains out for the day, I found my router IP address, and tomorrow I start back to work after being off for the last 90+ days for a full knee replacement surgery. So, I’ll work on it some more tomorrow. I think I managed to log into the advanced user/developer by logging into the black raspberry pi script page instead of entering the IP address in the browser page. Perhaps I just answered my first question…..
    As always, thanks for the insight.
    Ben Smith

  5. Dog Father Post author

    Oh sorry for overcomplicating this. I was in a hurry to respond and forgot about the simple solution. If you log into the console with user: fpp and password: falcon, you can run ifconfig and it will print out the IP address it got. Then, open a browser to that ip address and you should see the page.

  6. Benjamin Smith

    Well, first day back and I’m still walking, guess I’ll live lol.
    I did manage to find my routers IP address last night ,
    so I’ll try to work on it tonight some, time permitting.
    By the way, how big around is that wreath template?
    I think it’s beyond the scope of our plotter, it only gave me a preview that showed half, and it showed 1130mm -1300mm
    in size. Somewhere around 44”- 48” in diameter? I think our plotter only goes up to 36”. I’m gonna
    see if the guys at our drafting / map dept. can print it
    out tomorrow. Thanks again!

  7. Dog Father Post author

    Excellent! Yeah, you should just be able to log into the console and run ifconfig to get the IP address of the Pi. It should be roughly 4’x 4′. I had it printed in two strips and just put them together (cheaper that way).

  8. Benjamin Smith

    Thank you Sir! Well I didn’t get to mess with my
    gear tonight, I knew it was Valentines Day, but we’re
    going to celebrate Saturday or Sunday. I’ve got Monday and Tuesday to work on that. The insulators at work also handle Lexan and Plexiglass, I’m going to see if they can hook me up with a piece for my wreath. I picked up a “Boot Lace Ferrule” crimper today, and the technicians here have the ferrules, so I’m slowly gaining traction with this project.
    Thanks again for your wisdom!
    Ben Smith

  9. Benjamin Smith

    Got the wreath template done today (printed any way) I asked the insulators for a piece of Lexan, soon as they get that cut for me, I can start on that.
    Snowing here in Kansas City,Mo. got 4” already, maybe two more when it’s said and done……somebody needs to put a contract out on old “Puxatawny Phil” dang ground hogs……..
    Hope it isn’t a “Soup Sandwich” there like it is here….
    Ben Smith

  10. Benjamin Smith

    I got home a few minutes ago and plugged in the Raspberry pi, logged in and did the “Ifconfig”
    Just as you instructed and Sucess! So, now to work on my models, buy some pixels and power supplies and get to it!!!!!!

  11. Benjamin Smith

    I hope your Dog “Lexi” is doing better. I’ve been working on my sequencing and you would think a four minute song wouldn’t take that long to do, guess I’ve got some work to do.

    I tried modeling a “Wreath” like yours, but the sequencer only allows one ring of lights, the more strands I add, it only grows in diameter…..I’m not sure, but if I recall correctly, did you loop all your strands in series? I’ll look over your wreath video again I believe it shows this.
    Thanks again.
    Ben Smith

  12. Dog Father Post author

    She’s getting better each day. We’re in day 3 of 5 for the “critical” period. Sequences will take as much time as you give them. LOL! I modeled the wreath as 1 string, 288 nodes per string, 70% center, layer sizes: 72,72,72,72, starting location Bottom Outer-CW.

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