Falcon Player 2.x EP1 – Installation (2018)

This is PART 1 in a series about the 2.x version of Falcon Player – Installation. It covers imaging an SD card and initial configuration to get things running. If covers the Raspberry Pi and BBB installations as they are similar, but a little different.

3 thoughts on “Falcon Player 2.x EP1 – Installation (2018)

  1. stephen gill

    love to watch the vids keep up the good work, Hope the other half is fully recovered
    Q I run Arduino based equipment here in NZ (bottom of the world, turn right!!) can get raspberry pie ( come from the town where they were first made) BB not available here as yet, just getting around postal problem’s for the Falcon gear (sorted) Do I need to buy a Ras Pi system, This will be my first try at intergrated lights this next few years, all mine are static type (getting bits here is a mission.)

  2. Dog Father Post author

    No, you don’t have to run Falcon Player. You can use a spare PC if you have one and run xSchedule (part of the xLights package). Falcon Player runs on a Pi (and other things) so it’s an option if you want an inexpensive sequence player.

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