Central RGB Pixel Controller Box Rebuild

I’m rebuilding my main RGB pixel power and data distribution box, leaving room for expansion for next year.

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Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

The Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller is the latest in a line of awesome controllers from David Pitts.

This video covers all the features of this new board along with an Expansion Board and a Differential Expansion Board plus Differential Receivers. If you run pixels in your display or are thinking about running pixels, seriously look at getting one of these controllers.

FPP 1.9 Stretch BBB Installation Procedure

Updated with a simpler step to flash the eMMC.

This covers all the steps needed for the full installation of the latest FPP 1.9 Stretch image for the Beaglebone Black. It includes the software tools you’ll need to download to format the SD Card and write the image to the card for both Windows and Mac.

Latest images are available at http://dankulp.com/bbb