SetUp Day (week) – Part 1 – Still Fabricating (2018)

Started setting up the display this week because I have a lot to do (new stuff) and weather may not be great as we get closer to Thanksgiving. I didn’t make a ton of progress, but am set up for the weekend work.

4 thoughts on “SetUp Day (week) – Part 1 – Still Fabricating (2018)

  1. Poodlemeister

    Love the videos! Gotta ask – how did the slim ammo fans for differential receivers work? They look like a compact and portable solution. Did they end up needing ventilation? Could a second receiver board be crammed in there? Thanks for all your tips and advice!

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks! They worked fine. I wanted to do some testing on how hot it actually gets inside, but haven’t had time yet. Perhaps in December. ‍¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It would be a little tight for more than one and I probably wouldn’t do it since there’s not a lot of airflow and the extra heat that will be generated by the PS for more pixels. For example, I’m using a plastic toolbox for electronics for my matrix.

  3. Poodlemeister

    Great to hear! It looks like that company makes similar ammo cans that are a bit wider. With the handle, this seems like an ideal “field box” to just drop in the various parts of my front lawn to drive props. Most other controller enclosures are in boxes designed to mount on PVC or EMT.

    May I ask how you fixed the PSU and board to the inside? Hot glue?

    I would love to see your build for those boxes at some point and any lessons learned. Thanks!!

  4. Dog Father Post author

    Nothing is mounted. The wiring puts pressure on everything keeping the board separated from the power supply. I’m not too worried about things moving with them sitting on the ground, but if it were mobile, I’d definitely secure things better. I just slide the power supply in sideways and the DR is pressing on the other side. Easy to get everything out if needed. I got a little water through my cable holes in one of them during a torrential rain last year, but caught it before it caused a short. Moved the box out of the line of fire and didn’t have any more problems. I may get some foam to raise the PS about an inch for a little more safety or just check on the boxes more frequently than once. 🙂

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