DMX Moving Head, Falcon & xLights (2018)

DMX moving head lights are gaining popularity in lighting displays. We can automate them in xLights and run them from a Falcon F16V3. They’re also a lot of fun!

2PC 60W RGBW Mini Beam Spot Moving Head Stage Light DMX Bar Party DJ Disco Light

2 thoughts on “DMX Moving Head, Falcon & xLights (2018)

  1. Wendel Young

    How bright are the 60w. I want to put the on the roof. Not to be lighting up the moon but be seen from maybe a mile a way to bring attention to people driving couple roads away an go yea what’s that, let go see. I seen one video the guy has 8 or 9 on his roof but there also $1000 a piece but like 350w or so.

  2. Dog Father Post author

    I think you’d be disappointed with the cheap ones. They definitely aren’t search light quality. Maybe if it’s really foggy where you are… 🙂

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