I finally put these things together, but I have no idea what to call them other than “sticks.” They look kinda cool and I need more verticals in the display.

3 thoughts on “WHAT ARE THESE THINGS CALLED – Sticks? (2018)

  1. Robert

    Awesome video yet again,you have inspired me to buy 12sets of these from ray lol they look amazing and super bright and he’s got them on sale right now haha

    I also bout around 2000 pixels c9 type and four power supplies do you think that would be enough?

    Waiting on my falcon controller to come n also
    I bought the ready to run box

    I will be updating along the way I’d also like to thank you for everything you do,you’ve beeen super helpful and entertaining haha wish I lived closer

  2. Dog Father Post author

    Thanks! 4 supplies running 2,000 pixels 100% white is right at the max point, maybe a little over depending on the pixels. If you don’t plan on running them at 100% (or a lot of white in the display), you should be fine. The pixels will tell you if they need more power so not really something to worry about right now. I think the RTR box has a power supply too so that will help the overall power situation. I do like to have a spare if possible in case something really bad happens, but with new everything, I wouldn’t worry about it just yet. But get one if you can. 🙂

  3. Robert page

    I dont think I’ll be running 100% I’m out n the outskirts of town so no street lights ☺️
    I also don’t know that I’ll use all 2k lights this year
    But wanted to have them just in case plus free shipping on this order so I stocked up lol

    Gotcha gotcha I added a couple power supplies off
    Amazon I grabbed a cool looking pixel screen
    For (tune) info and whatnot ugh that reminds me still
    Need to get a fm transmitter

    Got a lot of work ahead of me but ur videos and
    A few monsters I’ll get it going lol
    Thanks for you’re time and effort

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